Perceptions of manufacturing and the industrial metaverse

Date: 1 December 2023
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: JJ Thomson Avenue Cambridge CB3 / Online

InterAct will be bringing together researchers to present the findings of their work on ‘Perceptions of manufacturing’ and ‘Industrial metaverse’ this December at the Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge.

Opening remarks – Professor Tim Minshall, the Head of IfM, will open the event at 10am.

InterAct Co-director, Professor Jillian MacBryde, will then introduce the agenda, plans, and themes of InterAct network and the role of funding in shaping social research in manufacturing.

This will be followed by talks from both InterAct funded commissioned research teams:

Perceptions of manufacturing literature review  Dr. Guendalina Anzolin, Dr. Jennifer CastaƱeda and Dr. Dalila Ribaudo:

  • What does manufacturing mean?
  • What do people think of it?
  • How are mega-trends changing and re-shaping the perception of manufacturing?

Manufacturing and the Metaverse literature review – Dr. Nikolai Kazantsev, Professor Chander Velu, Bethan Moncur, Dr. Bang Ming Yong

  • Going beyond the hype: What is the value of immersive reality in manufacturing ?
  • How can we define industrial metaverse ?
  • What are the key drivers, benefits and barriers for UK manufacturers, employees and the economy?