‘Deploying AI Solutions in Foundation Industries; Lessons Learned from ‘Furnace AI’

Date: 20 December 2022
Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Location: Online

TransFIRe are hosting a seminar on Tuesday 20th December (9am) which will showcase the TFI Network+ funded project by Dr Peter Green (University of Liverpool)

The seminar will be delivered by Dr. Peter Green from the University of Liverpool, who has been working on an EPSRC TFI Network+ project with the glass industry. Peter has kindly provided the abstract for his seminar below:

Deploying AI Solutions in Foundation Industries; Lessons Learned from ‘Furnace AI’

This presentation focuses on the outputs of a recent deployment of an AI-based monitoring system for float glass manufacturing with NSG Pilkington; Furnace AI. We discuss the challenges associated with transitioning AI solutions from academia to industry, with a focus on both technical aspects (e.g. scalability to large datasets, the removal of data that is towards the end of its lifecycle) alongside the ‘softer’ challenges that must also be addressed during deployment (e.g. risk ownership, user trust). Finally, based on the outcomes of the Furnace AI project, potential avenues of future research are suggested.

Peter will speak for approximately 25-30 minutes and there will be about 15 minutes for questions and discussion.