InterAct Conference 2022

“Creating the digital manufacturing future we want”

IET Savoy Place, London, 3 October 2022

As we embark on the next stage of our industrial evolution, digitalisation will shape the future of our economy, manufacturing ecosystem, and workplace. Digital technologies can enable us to create the future we want and move beyond consumption driven economic growth.

Our challenge is to create a future digital manufacturing ecosystem that meets our net-zero ambitions, whilst being resilient and productive. Thus, ensuring that everyone has the things that they need, at a price that they can afford, without damaging the environment or society.

To create the future digital manufacturing ecosystem we want, we need to work together. In order to combine our expertise from the broadest range of perspectives around this common goal, we need to InterAct.

By joining the inaugural InterAct conference, you are becoming part of the movement for change.  Actionable insights from 12 leading experts will provide the building blocks for change.  Participants will further shape these through a storytelling workshop and co-creation of a series of ‘critical questions’, which will be posed to our expert panel.

Find out more about our exciting roster of speakers, agenda, and event specifics below.

Who should attend?

InterAct aims to be inclusive of thinkers and innovators from across a spectrum of expertise to foster interdisciplinary collaboration to solve the biggest challenges to achieving a better future.

Whether your background is in policy, practice, or academia. If you are an engineer or scientist, an economist or social scientist, a politician or civil servant, and you want to play a part in shaping the digital future of manufacturing, join us on 3 October

How will the InterAct conference benefit attendees?

  • Gain actionable human insights into the future manufacturing environment.
  • Network and build relationships with cross-sector experts interested in creating a positive, forward-thinking vision for UK industry.
  • Build your narrative development skills to enhance the reach of you messaging in the digital environment.
  • Take part in a collaborative workshop on the theme ‘How do we create the digital manufacturing futures we want to see, together’.
  • Engage with a panel of highly regarded speakers from the world of manufacturing, policy, and academia for an interactive Q&A session.
  • Learn more about the InterAct Network, our future development and funding opportunities.


The InterAct conference will take place within the historic surroundings of the IET Savoy Place, London, located on the Strand by Waterloo Bridge.

Date and time

Attendees should arrive at the venue for 9:00am on Monday 3 October. The conference will close by 16:30pm on the same day.

How do I secure a ticket?

Conference tickets are free to book and allocated on a first come, first served basis. You can register your attendance on our InterAct Conference Eventbrite page.


Hear from world-leading speakers, who will share their unique insights and perspectives on their areas of expertise in relation to the theme of ‘Creating the digital manufacturing future we want’.

Our speakers are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds across industry, policy, think-tanks, and academia. Together they represent a diverse collection of voices that we want to draw into the wider conversation about what it will take to build a future that delivers for everyone.

Check back regularly for new speaker announcements and further information.

Sean Culey

Keynote Speaker

Futurist and author

Professor John Hart

Speaker – Future of Digital Manufacturing Ecosystems

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT
Director, Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity

Hayaatun Sillem CBE FIET

Speaker – Future of Digital Manufacturing Ecosystems

Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Jason Southern

Speaker – Future of Digital Manufacturing Ecosystems

EMEA Head of Enterprise Software & Visualisation Segments at Nvidia

Chris Courtney


UKRI Challenge Director for Made Smarter Innovation

Charlotte Horobin


Make UK Region Director for the Midlands and East of England

Clare Porter


Head of Manufacturing Policy at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy


09:00  Arrival and coffee
09:30Welcome and objectives
09:45Keynote speakers
10:15Future of Digital Manufacturing Ecosystems
Hayaatun Sillem
Jason Southern
John Hart
11:00   Break
11:30Future of Work
12:15Future of the Economy
13:45Keynote speaker
Sean Culey
14:00Storytelling and critical question formulation workshop
15:30‘Critical questions’ panel debate
Chris Courtney
Charlotte Horobin
Clare Porter
16:20Closing comments
16:30Conference closes