Future of Global Manufacturing Ecosystems – 2040


The Future of the Global Manufacturing Ecosystem is funded by UKRI under the Made Smarter InterAct Network+ program. This theme is led by Professor Jan Godsell Dean of Loughborough Business School United Kingdom. The aim of all this determination is to develop the vision of 2040 for the Global Manufacturing Ecosystem dominantly focused on Industrial Digital Technologies. It would highlight a roadmap for global integration across the value chain of the manufacturing ecosystem and would explore answer to:

  • What could the future of the Global Manufacturing Ecosystem look like in 2040?
  • What roles of Industrial Digital Technologies (IDT) and automation play across the ecosystem of global manufacturing?
  • How does the global value chain collaborate?
  • How to incorporate the cultural, social, regulatory, and geopolitical aspects of different territories?

We need your help!

To develop the vision 2040 for the Global Manufacturing Ecosystem, we are looking for industrialists, consultants, policymakers, and academic & and research experts to participate in our vision development activities. Ideally, participants should be:

  • Passionate about increasing business activities across the global territories
  • Having knowledge/experience in any area of leading a business, part of strategies, operations, supply chain & logistics, involved in policies, research & development, finance/investments, and futurist
  • Exploring new through hardcore automation and digital technologies

You can help us achieve global impact by:

  • Highlighting the drivers of business growth
  • Produce outcomes that can help decision-makers to regulate the right decisions at the right time
  • Examining the challenges in the global manufacturing business can be highlighted
  • Developing the prosperity of people
  • Progressing global peace, integration, and resilience across supplies of the manufacturing

Download participant forms and information:


Prof. Jan Godsell (Co-PI)
Dr. Grammatoula Papaioannou (CI)
Dr. Usman Ghani (Researcher)

Contact Email: u.ghani@lboro.ac.uk